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From questions about booking speakers and talent, to the contractual process and what you can expect on the day; with two decades experience at the forefront of our industry we've hopefully answered most of your queries here, but if not, please call us and one of our experienced agents will be happy help you.

Can I book a speaker not listed on your website?

Yes, absolutely! We feature hundreds of speakers on our website and have even more at our disposal offline.

It would be impractical to feature everyone online, but having been in the business for almost two decades, if a speaker is available for bookings, there is a good chance he or she is on our offline roster. And if not, we have an extensive network of contacts, so generally most speakers are no more than a couple of phone calls away.

If there is a particular speaker you’re interested in booking, but cannot find them on this website, please send us an enquiry, call or email, and we will be delighted to help.

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I was very pleased with the service I received from NMP Live, the agent was very helpful and professional. I will definitely look to NMP Live in the future.
Nicole Hardaker, EAIE Conference Programme Coordinator