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From questions about booking speakers, presenters and performers, to the contractual process and what you can expect on the day; with 20 years experience and standing at the forefront of our industry we've hopefully thought of, and answered, most common queries. But if not, please call us and one of our experienced agents will be very happy to help you.

What are celebrity appearances?

Celebrities and media personalities are booked to make live appearances at corporate and private functions for a variety of reasons. As a specialist agency for booking people in the public eye, we've arranged our website into different sections, depending on the need for someone high profile to attend an event.

What's generally referred to as a 'Celebrity Personal Appearance' is when famous individuals are booked to appear at an event as themselves. That's to say they are booked as the main attraction or draw for the event; to get footfall through the door or bums on seats and create a media buzz about your campaign.

If the celebrity is a musician they may perform a few of their latest hits, but generally, they are not performing an act per-se and their appearance is specifically to generate PR or awareness for your campaign. So actors, sports personalities and reality TV stars are often popular choices for these engagements.

A typical celebrity appearance will on average be for 1-2 hours, and you can expect them to be signing autographs, having photos taken with guests — selfies are always popular — and maybe cutting the ribbon to open the event; saying a few welcoming words to those who have attended.

Events or occasions at which you might find a celebrity making an appearance include Christmas light switch-ons, new building openings, car and product launches, trade exhibitions and nightclubs.