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From questions about booking speakers, presenters and performers, to the contractual process and what you can expect on the day; with 20 years experience and standing at the forefront of our industry we've hopefully thought of, and answered, most common queries. But if not, please call us and one of our experienced agents will be very happy to help you.

How can I contact a celebrity directly?

Celebrities and other high profile media personalities generally don't want to be found easily, for numerous reasons. Not least because of the potential risk to their personal safety and wellbeing. Therefore, you'll appreciate we cannot divulge anyone's contact details we hold on file. It would also contravene the 2018 GDPR Data Protection regulations regarding the use of personal data for us to do so.

Neither can we forward requests unrelated to a commercial booking made via NMP Live. For any personal messages, including requests for autographs, video messages, signed memorabilia, unpaid charity requests, backstage tour meets, etc., the best way to get in touch with a celebrity directly is via their official website or social media channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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I was very pleased with the service I received from NMP Live, the agent was very helpful and professional. I will definitely look to NMP Live in the future.
Nicole Hardaker, EAIE Conference Programme Coordinator