Jeffrey Robinson

International expert on money laundering and white-collar crime

Jeffrey Robinson | NMP Live

Jeffrey Robinson is an international best-selling author of 27 books, a frequent guest on TV and radio talk shows on both sides of the Atlantic, and a former winner of the Benedictine After-Dinner Speaker of the Year Award. He is a native New Yorker who lived in Europe from 1970 to 2007, including 25 years in London.

It was during his 25 years in the UK - writing, speaking and appearing on TV about money laundering and criminal finance, that the British Bankers' Association named him, “The world's leading financial crime author".

Jeffrey's international reputation was greatly enhanced by his investigative tour de force, The Laundrymen - Inside The World's Third Largest Business. In it, he uncovered the true extent of global money laundering and showed how hundreds of billions of dirty dollars are derived mainly from the drug trade, then reinvested throughout the world by otherwise legitimate businessmen, lawyers, accountants and bankers.

His expertise on worldwide fraud and money laundering has made him a much sought after commentator by the media. Some of the issues he discusses include the lessons legitimate businesses can learn from organised crime; how businesses today are prime targets of fraudsters because most businesses are looking in the wrong places to protect themselves; why one in nine people will lose money this year as a result of fraud and what they can do to protect themselves; and the ways that terrorists are financing their activities while governments sit helpless on the sidelines.

Jeffrey Robinson is a graduate of Philadelphia's Temple University (1967). While still at school, he wrote for television and radio, including a popular weekly children's show and was on the writing staff of a nationally televised daily talk show. He continued working in the media during his four year stint as an officer in the United States Air Force. Charged with running a press and public relations office for five generals at the height of the Vietnam War, he hosted a weekly talk show, scripted and directed several film projects, wrote short stories for national magazines and moonlighted as a disc jockey on local radio.

When his military obligation was completed at the end of 1970, he took up residence in a small village in the south of France. Using that as his base, he vagabonded around the world, writing articles and short stories for leading North American and British periodicals. In Britain his feature journalism has appeared in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Independent, the Sunday Express and the Mail on Sunday, among others.

His latest is an eBook exclusive for Amazon titled, “BitCon – The Naked Truth About Bitcoin”. With typical wit, humour, and his jaundiced eye for cons, scams, pirates, hype, market manipulation, misinformation, outright lies, self-fulfilling Ponzis, sleight of hand and a mob of greater fools, he reveals:

* Bitcoin, as a pretend-currency, can't stand toe-to-toe with the non-convertible Cuban peso.
* Bitcoin, as a pretend-commodity, is a casino chip for a loaded roulette wheel.
* Fewer businesses worldwide “accept” bitcoin than there are piano tuners in Canada.

However, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin is brilliant and will absolutely change the world.

Jeffrey Robinson returned to New York in 2007 and now divides his time between New York, USA and London, England.

Speech Topics

Drawing on material from his books, the research that has gone into them and his unique access to the inner-workings of international business - both legal and criminal - Jeffrey Robinson is a dynamic, charismatic, amusing and uniquely effective speaker. His current keynote speech topics include:

Bitcoin — The future of the technology and the non-future of the pretend-currency. What businesses and investors need to know, and why this is a major tech play, and an avoid-like-crazy currency play.

Fraud — If fraud was a disease, someone would have to declare a pandemic national health emergency. And yet, while businesses are aware of the threat, most of them turn out to be their own worst enemy.

Financial Crime — Why the bad guys are winning, why the good guys may never catch up and what everyone needs to know about it.

Money Laundering Today — 20 years after “The Laundrymen”, this is how otherwise-legitimate professionals have turned dirty money into a 21st century global business to rival drugs, petroleum and foreign exchange.

Big Business, Big Crime — The lessons trans-national criminal organisations have learned from big business and the lessons big business can learn from trans-national criminal organisations.

And, combinations of any or all of them to suit your event and meet your objectives.


The feedback from all re Jeffrey Robinson was very positive, and no negatives, and I think we hit the spot. Jeffrey was a pleasure to work with, easy going and came across very well both during and after his talk…he certainly opened a few eyes and ears!

Robert Shadforth — MD, Natixis, Head of UK & EMEA Compliance.

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Jeffrey Robinson | NMP Live
Jeffrey Robinson

International expert on money laundering and white-collar crime

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