Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor, businessman, bodybuilder and 38th Governor of California

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Born in Austria, by the age of 20 Arnold Schwarzenegger was dominating the sport of competitive bodybuilding, becoming the youngest person ever to win the Mr. Universe title. By generating a new international audience for bodybuilding Arnold turned himself into a sports icon.

He emigrated to America in 1968 and went on to win five Mr. Universe titles and seven Mr. Olympia titles before retiring to concentrate on acting - his big break arriving in 1982 when "Conan the Barbarian" hit box office gold - however, it was the 1984 epic sci-fi “Terminator” that catapulted him into cinema history.

Having achieved fame as a bodybuilder and Hollywood action hero in the 1980s and 90s, the 00s saw Arnold Schwarzenegger set his sights on American politics, becoming California's 38th Governor and serving two terms between 2003 - 2011. During his tenure as Governor of the world's eighth largest economy, he put the state at the forefront of the nation in addressing the issue of climate change and taking action by signing the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. He pushed for the development of renewable energies; rebuilt critical infrastructure and ensured better health care reforms. Moreover, Arnold Schwarzenegger's astute understanding of the economy and business led him to work on reforming California's fiscal policies, create a better business environment, reduce burdens on employment, boost exports and stimulate job growth.

Since leaving office, Arnold Schwarzenegger co-founded the R20 Regions of Climate Action, a global non-profit dedicated to helping subnational governments develop, implement, and communicate the importance of low-carbon and climate resilient projects as well as their economic benefits. In December 2012, he was recognised as a 2012 Global Advocate by the United Nations Correspondents Association for his work with the organisation.

As a businessman, Arnold's first investment was in a bricklaying business. He followed this with a mail-order bodybuilding equipment company and invested in real estate, becoming a millionaire before he started his acting career. He was a founding investor in the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain.

A hugely inspiring speaker, Arnold Schwarzenegger envisages the goals he wants to achieve then does whatever it takes to make it reality. He doesn't care about critics or nay sayers. He focuses on believing in himself and using his immense work-ethic, strong self-discipline and determination to accomplish his goals. "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”. In Arnold's speeches he discusses how success can be difficult to obtain, but you have to be stubborn and willing to conquer any obstacles you encounter.

Speech Topics

An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger
An immigrant with few resources, except those that really mattered: a vision, fire in the belly and huge charisma, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story is one of classic inspiration and the American dream. He shares the four principles that have underpinned his success: have a vision and trust it; break the rules; don't be afraid to fail; and work hard - there are no shortcuts.

Will Innovation & Green Technologies Save The Global Economy?
From his experience in politics to his efforts combating climate change, Arnold Schwarzenegger incarnates openness to change and the boldness of innovative solutions.

His legacy is a California that is a world leader in renewable energy innovation, technology development and deployment. He discusses the need to shift the debate on energy from a singular focus on carbon emission reduction, and instead urgently develop an American energy strategy. He identifies security and the over reliance on foreign oil; the need to address pollution more generally; and the importance of energy productivity, green jobs and technological innovation as the primary objectives of such a strategy.


Everything went great! We probably had almost 900 people in the Opening for Gov. Schwarzenegger's speech – which is phenomenal! The room was full, both sides of the balcony were full, it was just excellent! All of the comments we've received so far have been nothing but kind – they all said he was an excellent speaker with an excellent message.

Association of Energy Engineers.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger | NMP Live
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor, businessman, bodybuilder and 38th Governor of California

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