Joff Sharpe

Former SAS officer and one of the UK’s most colourful businessman

Joff Sharpe | NMP Live

Joff Sharpe is one of Britain's more colourful businessmen; with his CV listing, amongst others, a year living amongst the Iban headhunters of Borneo, a stint as an SAS officer, running an Internet company for Rupert Murdoch and being Piers Morgan's HR Director.

Following a successful ten-year career in the army, Joff then spent twenty years as a human resources professional working for blue chip companies such as Mars, PepsiCo, News International and Vodafone. Joff switched his focus more recently to the world of private equity where his responsibilities have taken him from the Ruhr Valley to Sub-Saharan Africa. He is now Head of Operations of a £17 Billion real estate investment trust.

Joff Sharpe’s motivational keynote speech a synthesis of the 10 factors that have underpinned SAS success throughout its 70+ year history and shows, in a very practical way, how these can be applied to help leaders and businesses be more successful.

The skills of the men of the SAS are legendary because they are expected to beat overwhelming odds again and again. Attributes such as speed, purpose, surprise and simplicity are second nature to these top notch recruits and thanks to them the unique Special Forces unit has repeatedly succeeded in extremely challenging tasks, often against vastly superior forces. They are frequently asked to achieve the impossible and most of the time they do just that.

However, are the principles which form the foundation of this elite unit only applicable in special circumstances? If a team can consistently work at peak performance and effect dramatic feats in the field of combat, then there must be essential and teachable techniques that can be put to use in the corporate sector? Joff Sharpe argues that the methods of the Special Forces can and should be used by businesses to give companies a crucial edge in the vastly competitive corporate world.

Doing business the SAS way isn’t easy, but being the best never is. If you want to win though, this is how.

Speech Topics

Over the last 25 years Joff Sharpe has helped a huge range of international companies improve their performance, mainly in the TMT (Telecommunications, Media, Technology) sector. Utilising his vast wealth of experience to identify principles employed by the SAS that can lead any company to peak performance.

Joff is a thoughtful speaker and he defies the stereotype of the matcho special forces soldier; he argues that success on the battlefield, like in the boardroom, requires careful preparation, humility and adaptability – not muscle.

Joff Sharpe offers the following motivational keynote speeches:

The Man is The Regiment
Be courageous; if you don’t dare how can you possibly win?
Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way!

Big Bangs, Small Bucks
Speed, Aggression (discretion), Surprise
Know the difference between vital & pointless

Standing Still Makes You A Target
Dare to ask for help
If you’re not learning you’re becoming a liability


Joff Sharpe fitted the bill perfectly, drawing on his extraordinary range of experiences from jungle to boardroom, from Silicon Valley to newsroom.

Luchford APM.

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Joff Sharpe | NMP Live
Joff Sharpe

Former SAS officer and one of the UK’s most colourful businessman

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