Pauline Crawford

Business psychologist and corporate culture transformation strategist

Pauline Crawford | NMP Live

Pauline Crawford is the Founder and Managing Director Corporate Heart and the designer of Map-it, a Business Performance Behaviour model which maps, measures, manages and maintains healthy high performance across all aspects of business.

A conference speaker of 15+ years experience, Pauline specialises in headline topics such as women, wellness and wealth; her goal is bring a new personal and social awareness alive across all sectors of business.

Her career has grown from graduating as a Sociology & Statistics BA into being a Business Psychologist, Behaviour and Gender Dynamics Expert, Reputation & Image Coach, Corporate Culture Transformation Strategist, Social Entrepreneur and Mentor.

Pauline Crawford regularly lectures on the Masters Business Psychology MA at London Metropolitan University, the first ever UK course in Business Psychology. She is currently the Personal Growth Editor on the Wellbeing Network, and has several published articles and has presented on TV discussion programmes such The Time & Place and Kilroy Silk.

Since the late 1980s, Pauline Crawford has helped people expand their personal potential in business. Her own specialist areas are confidence building, personal presentation, physical impact, relationship management, team and individual performance, personal energy and creativity at work. She aims to wake people out of their complacency and inspire them to own their personal success in an authentic, passionate and yet grounded practical way. Her mission is to share her lessons so that everyone can be aware of their power to transform the business world to a happier healthier place!

"My passion is to enhance the value and contribution of every person by adding natural wellness energy into everyday business performance. Our core team and key associates and partners all live the same philosophy and exhibit the same passion to work with wellness and to enhance business life and performance," Pauline says.

Pauline's business experience across nearly 20 years comes from working with a very broad mix of clients – from all sectors; including Astra Zeneca, BT, Cambridge Police, DMG Exhibition Group, DTI, GlaxoSmithKline, HP Consulting, HSBC Financial Services, Watson Wyatt, Whitbread, MOD, The Metropolitan Police, and Norfolk Police.

Speech Topics

Keynote presentations include:

Valuing the human nature of business
Challenging current corporate thinking on 'stress' by mapping out a new 'human' business model with Map-it.

Leading on Gender Dynamics
Sharing the 'serious business' of how men & women can work together in harmony to create far greater economic success.

The Wisdom of Women
A lively investigation into different generations of women across the world and their views on business and society.


Pauline Crawford is blessed with an exceptionally high level of emotional maturity and an expansive worldview. With Corporate Heart, she has embodied an impressive collection of life skills and business savvy into a truly unique approach to corporate performance and workforce satisfaction. Any organisation that listens to and applies Pauline's wise counsel can't help but be destined for greatness as a result.

Dick Hoffmann Vice President, Spring CM Inc. Business Development USA

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Pauline Crawford | NMP Live
Pauline Crawford

Business psychologist and corporate culture transformation strategist

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