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Internet psychologist and customer behaviour expert

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Graham Jones is a psychologist and customer behaviour expert who helps businesses understand how their customers behave online, so that they can more appropriately connect with them. He was one of the first psychologists in the world to start investigating the way human behaviour has adapted to the online world; speaking at conferences and consulting with a number of businesses, helping them engage more fully with their online customers and thereby helping to improve their brand, sales and profits.

Graham helps businesses discover how their customers, staff, suppliers and competitors use the Internet. As a result, Graham provides psychological insights into online behaviour that enable modern businesses to profit from the Internet. Those increased profits might come from using Graham’s psychological analysis of consumer behaviour, or they might arise from using the Internet within your business in more productive ways, adapting to the behaviour of your staff or suppliers.

Graham firmly believes that when businesses gain a greater understanding of how people behave online, they can increase their profitability through improved communication or more engaging ways of using the Internet.

Graham is the author of more than 30 books, a Member of the British Psychological Society and is a Visiting Lecturer at the Business School at the University of Buckingham. He is also an Associate Lecturer at the Open University and an award-winning writer / contributor to many magazines and newspapers as well as online publications. His own blog reaches over 100,000 people. Furthermore, Graham is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and one of only 17 people in the UK to have received the prestigious “Professional Speaking Award of Excellence”. He is regularly interviewed by the media and appears in newspapers, magazines, or on the radio or on TV each week.

Speech Topics

Graham Jones speaks at a wide variety of conferences and events and is used to presenting in front of audiences of various sizes, from 3 to 3,000, and in a variety of formats; he’s as comfortable on the large stage as the office workshop.

Every talk or workshop Graham presents is bespoke and designed specifically to help each individual audience. There are, of course, many common themes which Graham gets asked to talk on including
Online Consumer Psychology, The Future of The Internet and the Psychology of Online Productivity. Wherever possible, he prefers to interact with his audience. Graham makes this possible even with very large audiences by using online technology to engage with people asking questions or commenting using their mobile devices. He is also a well-known storyteller and weaves a variety of amusing anecdotes into his presentations, to help engage the audience. Graham’s “signature stories” include how he managed to get aboard the Royal Train by accident; how he interrupted Margaret Thatcher mid-speech; and how he avoided getting beaten up by thugs because of his job!

Frequently Requested Presentations:

Click.ology – The Science of Online Success
In this presentation, Graham Jones reveals the five psychological fundamentals of online success. The principles spell out the word “CLICK” making it easy for people to remember what to do online. The presentation is based on scientific studies of online usage and behaviour as well as basic psychological principles. Graham takes the audience through five steps, demonstrating exactly what to do to achieve greater success online. The presentation includes case studies and examples taken from the world of each specific audience.

The Future of The Internet
Organisations and businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to plan for the future because the Internet is changing extremely rapidly, In this presentation, Graham Jones shows what exciting developments are on their way, including human biological connections to the web. He then explains how companies can keep up-to-date with the changes on the Internet and how to cope with such developments.

The Internet is Killing Your Business
Most businesses are losing money as a result of the Internet. The online world is dominated by just a small number of huge, global organisations. The rest of the business world is actually struggling to use the Internet profitably. In this presentation, Graham Jones reveals the psychological impact of the Internet on office productivity, exposing just how the online world is robbing organisations of time, analytical thinking and creativity - all of which are contributing to reduced profitability, in addition to the problem of intense online competition.

Web Success
Just why is it that some businesses make vast amounts of money online, yet others struggle even to get visitors to their website? In this presentation, Graham Jones shows the steps necessary to achieve online success. He then explains that there is a fundamental psychological principle that separates the successful online organisations from the also-rans. Once a company understands this, they can work out what they need to do to succeed. Graham provides them with the step-by-step method to achieve this.

How To Make Social Profits
All business is social; it always has been. Even in the “Business to Business” (B2B) world, all purchases and transactions are made by people. In this presentation, Graham Jones explains the way in which buying decisions are made and then shows how social activity is essential to all purchases. The presentation then demonstrates how to use social networks - online and offline - to improve profitability, using social psychology.


Graham Jones was one of the most responsive speakers we have seen - he had clearly done his homework by looking at member websites and answered questions impressively. I would recommend him as a "must have" speaker.

Joanna Jesson, Academy for Chief Executives.

There are only a very small handful of people who really impress me with their knowledge and understanding of the Internet. Graham Jones is on that list - at the top. His ability to explain how people use the Internet - and thus how business owners can benefit, is second to none. Highly, highly recommended.

Philip Calvert, IFALife Conference.

Graham Jones is an excellent speaker and consummate professional. His wealth of experience ensures he always provides witty and entertaining talks for any audience. He is highly regarded by all our clients and in constant demand.

Sharon Francis, Media First.

Thank you for your very valuable contribution to our recent European conference in Madrid. I appreciate the way you spoke to ensure the audience obtained the maximum benefit.

Matthew Durnford, Lucent Technologies.

Graham Jones has now spoken three times for our leadership development groups at Business Leaders Groups. Each time the audience of CEOs, MDs and Senior Managers has been fascinated by the ideas and revelations about the way people use the Internet. They learnt how their approach should be modified to increase their ROI on their web activities. I strongly recommend Graham as a speaker to this type of audience. Wonderful stuff!

Graham Speechley, Business Leaders Group.

Books and DVDs

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Graham Jones | NMP Live
Graham Jones

Internet psychologist and customer behaviour expert

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