David McCandless

Data journalist, information designer and author

David McCandless | NMP Live

David McCandless is a London-based author, writer and designer. Having written for The Guardian, Wired and others he is an independent data journalist and information designer.

David’s work is a response to the changing world of data and information. In this futuristic age of high-speed living and info overload, visualised information has incredible potential to help us quickly understand, navigate and find meaning in a complex world. At the same time, daily exposure to the web is creating an information design-literate population who demand their information in visual form.

Recently David has championed the use of infographics and data visualisations to explore new directions for journalism and design. A passion of his is visualising information – facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics, questions – all with the minimum of words. He is interested in how designed information can help us understand the world and reveal the hidden connections, patterns and stories underneath.

David’s popular blog and best-selling book, Information Is Beautiful, is dedicated to discovering new patterns and stories in the seas of data swamping and surrounding us through putting data and knowledge in to a visual format.

With his ability of presenting the most complex issues in an easily digestible format and making them entertaining as well as meaningful, David McCandless is an extremely popular keynote speaker.

Speech Topics

David McCandless speaks about data, information & knowledge, creativity, design-thinking, analysis, story-telling, the art & utility of data-visualisation, infographics & concept mapping applicable across business, tech, science, communications, politics and culture. His talk is constantly evolving as he folds in new material and makes new discoveries.

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David McCandless | NMP Live
David McCandless

Data journalist, information designer and author

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