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Pioneer of social business, innovation and technology entrepreneur

Jane Young | NMP Live

Jane Young is a technology entrepreneur, consultant and leading social business strategist. She takes organisations on a journey from fragmented or non-existent social media presence and fear of losing control, to long-term commitment and a clear strategy that looks beyond social media, to becoming a social business.

Jane helps organisations understand what social business means to them, and redefine what it means to do business in the 21st century, by transforming cultures, processes and mindsets in order to cope with the always-on, real-time demands of today's social customers.

Blending inspiring futurism with pragmatic change expertise to transform organisations that feel there must be a better way, but don't know how to get there, Jane is a highly acclaimed speaker on topics around change, social business, digital media, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, human behaviour and 21st century business models. She has worked with brands like 3M, Dixons, Currys, PC World, Vodafone and P&G. Jane delivers keynote speeches internationally to diverse audiences - from Pfizer's European multi-channel marketers in London and Grey LATAM digital leaders in Sao Paolo, to media studies students at EuroDisney and CEOs in Lisbon.

As one of the world's first 'Social Business Engineers', Jane Young works holistically across every business area - from customer service and internal communications, to marketing, advertising and PR - introducing values of transparency and collaboration, to get things done faster and cheaper - paving the way for great innovative leaps.

Speech Topics

Described as ‘a truly inspirational source of new ideas and approaches,’ who ‘truly belongs to the 21st century,’ Jane Young helps her audience understand the potential for exponential growth brought about by shifts in technology and society.

As a keynote speaker, Jane finds a way of weaving complex problems into a story that inspires, even if she's talking about a technology subject to a non-technical audience. She helps her audiences to see past the jargon and hype of today's social media such as Facebook and Twitter. She looks towards a bigger picture for using social media to drive growth in the 21st Century; exploring how we can solve age old business problems using new knowledge and technological capabilities.

As the first generation of people with access to all of humanity's knowledge at our fingertips, anyone with an internet connection can find out absolutely anything and share whatever they like with the rest of the world. We each have the freedom and power to learn anything, pick the brains of global experts, share ideas and designs, get feedback and bring products, services and game-changing ideas to life.

Not only can we design anything, but we can build physical objects from our bedrooms too. Using 3D printers and open source software and hardware communities, we can make absolutely whatever we see in our mind's eye; and what's more, we can distribute our wares online. As individuals, for the first time in human history, we can assemble powerful, complex global supply chains and compete head-to-head with big, slow organisations - all from our bedrooms, armed with a laptop.

Jane Young presents a unique perspective on how to escape the rat-race and actively design a life that enables you to work less, achieve more and become incredibly resilient in an increasingly unpredictable world, by using networks of people to get things done. For businesses, Jane teaches her audience how to leverage networks of customers, partners, colleagues and even competitors, to unleash incredible scale; and how to create high performance cultures by enabling people to share knowledge and work more autonomously.


I saw Jane Young speak at Marketing Week's Future of TV Advertising conference. For me it was the standout presentation of the day; thought provoking, insightful and very brave. A very different take than most of the industry insiders that also presented.

Benjamin Kaye, Head of Brand Communications - Dixons Retail PLC.

Jane Young has a fresh and powerful vision of the future for communications. She embraces the challenges and presents in an optimistic and energetic style that really engages her audience. Jane conveys her points simply which given the chaotic and complex problems she is seeking to resolve is a key talent. Good on her feet and able to win over some robust opponents. Above all an entertaining and rewarding experience!

Tom Gardner, Head of European Marketing - Honda.

Listening to Jane Young speak was like a breath of fresh air. Jane is full of energy, passion and knowledge and knows how to deliver a well thought-out, succinct and relevant presentation... And without a PPT deck, brilliant! Her timing, tone and delivery was brilliant and kept both me and the rest of the audience engaged throughout. Jane is by far the most interesting, inspiring and exciting speaker I have come across within my industry sector.

Paul Hicks, Head of Brand Experience & Events - Carat Sponsorship.

A young woman from a remote Scottish island sees the future and writes it... Jane Young is a witty, warm and wise guide to the possibilities of social business, an inspirational speaker who will replace any fear of the future with joy for what might be.

Wayne Garvie, Chief Creative Officer - Sony Pictures Television International Production.

Jane Young has a strong, compelling, extremely timely point of view on how social is going to change the future of business. She has just the right mix of passion and understanding to make people sit forward and listen. And when she's finished talking, everything feels clearer.

Neil Hourston, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey Group EMEA.

I met Jane Young at a talk she gave on business use of social media. I found her both refreshing and inspiring. She understands business process and human nature well so is able to help businesses extract the best from their employees and develop a culture that accelerates growth from within. The simple yet powerful language she uses is tuned to business context which makes it easier or organisations to see the value that social media could deliver for them.

Alkesh Shah, GlaxoSmithKline.

Jane Young is the 'can do' voice of this generation with a clear vision of what is possible firmly rooted in the next – yet you feel when listening to her that she doesn't intend leaving anyone behind. Huge ideas balanced beautifully on simple concepts, articulately presented, a Jane Young speaking event is exactly that.

William Carson, Director, Oyster CCC.

Jane Young spoke at our first Business & Breakfast event to an audience of senior level executives and managers on the topic of social business. She was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable on the subject and was able to engage the group in a thought-provoking Q&A to better help them understand ways in which they could rethink their own business strategies. Her passion for the area is undeniable and I welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Kristin Mendez, Marketing Manager, Boyden.

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Jane Young | NMP Live
Jane Young

Pioneer of social business, innovation and technology entrepreneur

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