Unique International Women’s Day speaker - Jacquie Davis


For over thirty years Jacquie Davis has survived as one of the top operators in a male-dominated profession — the secretive, often dangerous world of being a bodyguard — or to give the profession its proper name, Close Protection Officer.

Throughout her career, Jacquie has been stabbed, thrown through a shop window, shot at several times and chased through some of the world’s most dangerous countries, regularly risking near death for her clients.

After leaving the police force in the 1970s and training as a CPO, Jacquie has rescued hostages imprisoned by Uday Hussein (Saddam Hussein’s son), acted as the personal bodyguard for celebrities including JK Rowling, Bradley Cooper and the Beckhams as well as regularly appearing in the media as a commentator on crime-related incidents.

Whilst Jacquie’s life has been so remarkable it provided the inspiration for the 2019 Netflix action thriller, Close, her career more significantly highlights and tackles many of the topics the 2023 International Women’s Day theme #EmbraceEquity aims to highlight.

#EmbraceEquity – what is equity?

Equity, at its core, acknowledges that people don't begin life in the same place and that individual circumstances have an impact on people aiming to achieve the same goals.

Focusing on embracing equity, IWD 2023 aims to challenge and change systemic and structural barriers that get in the way of people's ability to thrive.

With four decades of experience, Jacquie is now recognised as the world's top female bodyguard – her life and career proof of the success that can come from challenging these barriers.

A motivational speaker with lived experience

Drawing on her own tangible real-world experience, Jacquie Davis has become an accomplished motivational and keynote speaker. From addressing large conferences and seminars to small women’s groups and universities, her knowledge and expertise have never been more relevant than they are today.

At a time when the issue of safety is at the forefront of conversation – dealing not only with personal safety but also vulnerability in the workplace – Jacquie is able to draw parallels between our everyday environment and the world of Close Protection Officers.

With the alarming frequency of reports in the media about misconduct at some of the world’s biggest companies, more must be done to drive change, call out discrimination and promote inclusion.

An advocate for women’s rights

Through her advocacy for women’s rights and equality, Jacquie aims to change the narrative, bring the stories of female leaders and trusted decision-makers to life and challenge what it means to be a woman surviving in a man’s world.

Speaking on gender equality and breaking through the glass ceiling, her unique and inspiring talks have been founded through first-hand experience.

Jacquie Davis is living proof that whilst circumstance does impact the path to achieving your goals, with passion and determination, even a life worthy of a Hollywood film is achievable.

At NMP Live we are passionate and committed to helping #Embrace Equity this International Women’s Day and beyond. To find out more about Jacquie Davis please enquire online, email us or pick up the phone and speak to one of our booking agents.

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