The Reverend Richard Coles: Borderline National Trinket

Reverend Richard Coles: Borderline National Trinket

We are very happy to announce that NMP Live client, The Reverend Richard Coles, will embark on his first UK theatre tour, Borderline National Trinket, from September 7th 2023.

Occasionally the job of summarising someone’s life in a press release is almost impossible. Indeed, we doubt he’ll be able to do it justice even in an entire evening. But what is guaranteed is that it will be hugely entertaining to watch him try.

Having passed the age of 60 and stepped away from parish duties, Richard is — as the pyjamas and cuppa suggest — technically retired. Why, then, is he as busy as he’s ever been?

It didn’t help that his deeply personal and moving memoir of loss, The Madness Of Grief (W&N, 2021), was a huge bestseller, transfixing readers with its honesty and insight. Nor that he then went on to write his first novel, Murder Before Evensong (W&N, 2022), which reached number one in the paperback charts, meaning that he had to write another, A Death In The Parish, published in June 2023.

Oh, he’s also the Chancellor of Northampton University. Of course he is.

And now – after years as a coveted and highly successful after dinner speaker – the (retired) Rev embarks on his first full tour of the country, presenting a warm, witty, gossipy evening of comedy and chat.

In association with Impatient Productions, we are truly proud to unleash the talent and personality of a man who, if anyone does, surely deserves the title of national treasure. Although, being Richard, he’s happier with the billing his late partner suggested: borderline national trinket.

Whatever label you put on him, this is going to be a UK-wide tour not to be missed – and that comes directly from God Himself*.

*Richard would like to stress that he does not in fact have the authority to make this claim.

Tickets and tour dates via his website:


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