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The Urban Knights | NMP Live

With the transcendence of electronic music into every corner of the globe and the emergence of too many bedroom DJ's, the Urban Knights have risen above the mire with their refreshing blasts of audio visual delights. ZED KNIGHT and KVL are two young producers with a rampant thirst for new material and ground breaking concepts.

Having immersed themselves into the cultural melting pots of Bristol and London, Urban Knights have risen through the promoting ranks to become stalwarts of the club scene.

Their hard work and natural talent has not gone unnoticed, as nationwide tours have been followed with extensive global travel. Over the last three years the Urban Knights have clocked up a fearsome reputation for the most spellbinding live performances.

Their torrid turntable terrorism which fuses Hip Hop licks over all things bass driven has seen them rocking crowds in such illustrious locations as Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany and Austria. The Passion and energy that oozes from every iota of their sets heralded them becoming the first resident DJ's of Swatch Watches.

The Urban Knights love of Rib crackling dirty beats layered over electro house, Dub-step and Breaks is an audio treat of the most indulgent variety which has left dance floors the world over dripping in sweat and gagging for more. The skill of the Urban Knights is not just confined to the realm of Audio Excitement, as their live visual shows will testify, this fusion of music and film is another notch on their illustrious career bed post.

The Urban Knights continue to create the most dazzling and contemporary shows which leave dance floors the world over in a state of exhausted wide eyed amazement. Their musical mash ups coupled with live visual scratching makes the rave experience so much more. In this Day and age of total media saturation the Urban Knights have taken the concept of music and film and forged them in perfect unison to create the most unforgettable audio visual sets around.

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