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The world's only regurgitator (as seen on Britain's Got Talent semi-finals)

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Stevie Starr is a professional regurgitator. A bizarre phenomenon to the world of showbiz, his act consists of swallowing various items (coins, light bulbs, balloons, nails, billiard balls, dry sugar, goldfish) and regurgitating them. He has never described exactly how this is done, and the implausibility of some of his regurgitations have led some to believe that he is an illusionist. However, Stevie never fails to return all items without injury to himself or the fish! The resulting show is one of rare distinction and a delight to all ages.

Among the amazing stunts Stevie performs are swallowing a bowl-full of dry sugar followed by a glass or two of water and then bringing the sugar back bone dry; swallowing a gentleman's ring followed by a locked padlock and the key and returning them with the ring locked inside the padlock and even swallowing a mini Rubiks cube and returning it with all the rows turned.

Stevie Starr has appeared on many television shows over the last three decades, with several appearances on each of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In 2010 he appeared on ITV's hit show Britain's Got Talent, swallowing numbered coins and a billiard ball and then regurgitating them on demand and in order. Having progressed to the semi-finals, Starr appeared on the first live semi-final show. The main part of his act involved swallowing judge Amanda Holden's engagement ring, much to her horror, followed by a locked padlock and finally the key. He then regurgitated the padlock - now enclosing the engagement ring - followed by the key. After being knocked out of the competition, he performed his talent in the German version of the show "Das Supertalent". He placed 3rd in the semi-finals and managed to advance to the finals.

Stevie Starr grew up in Glasgow, Scotland in a children's home where he spent the first 18 years of his life. It was here that he discovered his special and unique talent. "I think I was 4 years old when I started swallowing my pocket money" says Stevie, "to hide it from the other children". "And I tried other things like going out into the garden to catch a bumblebee - swallow it then bring it back up and let it fly away again".

Steve Starr is a unique act and equally sought-after at nightclubs, university events and corporate affairs. Prepare to be stunned, shocked and amazed... this is definitely no illusion!


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Stevie Starr

The world's only regurgitator (as seen on Britain's Got Talent semi-finals)

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