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Body-popping break-dancer as seen on Britain's Got Talent 2011

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Razy Gogonea is a Romanian body-popping break-dancer who made a mark with his Matrix inspired dance routine on 2011's Britain's Got Talent. He wanted to see if his body could do the incredible feats that special effects allowed Keanu Reeves to do. And amazingly after years of practice he can now do these body contorting tricks.

His unique performance astonished the audience as they saw him bend and move his body like nobody else. Judge Michael McIntyre praised Razy saying, 'I loved you Razy, there were things I never seen humans do. I thought it was excellent, I really enjoyed watching it. You ARE Neo from The Matrix.'

Amanda Holden also praised Razy saying 'I found it exciting, you used the whole stage which is very good. Beautifully choreographed, excellent job. Well done!' And David Hasselhoff said, 'You're like a real life videogame, very very entertaining. Well done.'

Razy Gogonea was born in Bucharest, Romania, and from a very early age he knew he wanted to be a dancer. Although he was proficient at a wide range of dance styles, it was break dancing that really fired his imagination. However, it was something he kept to himself for many years after being teased by some older boys in his apartment block who had seen him practising as a shy twelve year old. Their harsh words had a profound effect on Razy and he lost the confidence to perform in public.

Razy's family have always been a great support to him. His mother and father always encouraged him, and his brother, Adi, would spend the little money he had on buying costumes and dance accessories which Razy needed to practice his routine. It was this belief and commitment from his family that finally persuaded Razy to dance in public again.

As a youngster, Razy Gogonea idolised John Travolta, and would dream of setting the dance floor alight like Travolta did in the film Saturday Night Fever. Dancing is a big part of Romanian culture, and it's a common sight to see young men swinging their stuff on the dance floor. But something set Razy apart from all the others and it was often the case that a large circle would form around him as he danced - cheering and clapping him on as he entertained them with his unique dancing style.

Work wasn't easy to come by at first, but in 2008 he landed a summer contract in Cyprus – which was where he met the love of his life, Ruth. Ruth was also performing in Cyprus with her sister, Beth, and after each recognising their respective talents, the three of them formed an act together which involved the two girls singing and Razy dancing and throwing fire in-between. At the end of the summer, Razy followed Ruth back to her home in Manchester. Once inor a permit to work, thinking that maybe he could sell his acts to clubs and holiday resorts in this country as he had done abroad. And he was just beginning to do this, on a small scale, when suddenly things got much, much bigger and the Britain's Got Talent journey began....

Razy Gogonea is available for bookings and events to wow your guests with his unique talented and entertaining dance skills. England Razy applied f


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Razy Gogonea

Body-popping break-dancer as seen on Britain's Got Talent 2011

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