Celebrity Endorsements, PR and Advertising Campaigns

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The association between a celebrity and brand can significantly increase consumer awareness of a product, add credibility to a service and help to establish a trust and affinity that would otherwise take years to build.

Whether you're looking to secure a celebrity for a television or radio advertising campaign, the endorsement of a product or if you simply require a media hook for a press day or product launch, we can help.

Our expertise lies in sourcing the right celebrity for a campaign and negotiating the best possible deal on your behalf. Taking into consideration your objectives, brand values, target demographic and budget, we will compile a carefully selected list of celebrities for your consideration. We will then guide you every step of the way, overseeing your entire campaign through to contract negotiation and fulfilment.

Our extensive industry contacts gives us unparalleled access to hundreds of celebrities, media personalities and agents around the world. And because we work for you, not the celebrity, whether you require a regional personality for a short term promotion or an international icon for a global advertising campaign, our unbiased recommendations and impartial advice will ensure we secure you the best deal to meet your campaign objectives.

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